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Students will debate pertaining issues of their Hispanic/Latino communities such as: Common Core, Stop & Frisk, and Aid to Immigrants in 3 day visit to Albany
March 19, 2015
WHAT: 200 students from 8 delegations representing New York State will take part in a Mock Assembly Session which is conducted in the New York State Assembly chambers. Students will discuss bills pertaining to education, law enforcement, and services to growing immigrant communities. During their visit to Albany they will receive over $30,000 in scholarships.WHY: Students take part in The Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Institute during the SOMOS Conference. A three-day institute that includes: lce Breakers and Team Leadership Building Activities to develop inter-regional relationships, a Mock Assembly session which is conducted in the NYS Assembly chambers, a student delegate recognition dinner where winners of the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute (PR/HYLI) scholarships are announced. The institute concludes with student delegations meeting with legislators on Monday, March 13, 2015.The delegates are chosen through rigorous training sessions in their respective regions. Throughout New York State, students develop their positions on current proposed legislation by identifying text-based evidence and participating in debates.

WHEN: Sunday, March 22, 2015, 1:00pm-5:00pm

LOCATION: New York State Assembly Chambers

WHO: 200 students from across New York State and Elected Officials

Photo Opportunity to photograph High School Students in Mock Legislative session


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