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Mr. José Manuel Paulino is the Executive Director of Somos el Futuro, Inc. Mr. Paulino was previously a Director for Tonio Burgos & Associates, a leading NYC-based strategic planning and lobbying firm. Prior to that, he was the Director of Government Relations & Communications for Powers & Company, providing governmental relations, business development consulting and lobbying services to corporations, businesses, trade associations, unions and non-profit decision makers.
He began in the consulting industry after fostering years of personal and professional bonds across the political spectrum of the New York State Legislature. Mr. José Paulino received his first experience and education in the government process through a highly-competitive post-graduate New York State Fellowship Program. His career in public service spring-boarded when he was appointed by the New York State Senate Democratic Conference Leader and held several positions within Central Staff.
Mr. Paulino completed a Master’s in Public Administration from Binghamton University, with a double concentration from the School of Management (Organizational Leadership) and the College of Community and Public Affairs (Public Health). He holds a BA from Binghamton University in Philosophy, Politics and Law.