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June 26, 2012

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NYS Assemblyman Nelson L. Castro Applauds New York City Budget Agreement on Child Care Funding

(Bronx, NY. June 26, 2012) Assemblyman Nelson L. Castro congratulates the New York City Council, Speaker Christine Quinn, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg for an important agreement on the 2013 New York City budget that increases funding for child care and after-school programs.

The executive budget proposed by Mayor Bloomberg eliminated 47,000 child care and after-school slots, causing thousands of parents to quit their jobs and others to leave school and even rely more on public assistance programs.

These proposed cuts would have had a financial impact on low-income and minority families throughout the city, directly affecting my constituency. The Bronx, with the highest unemployment rate in New York State, would have been very affected by this measure. A reduction on child care subsidies will also put many child care providers out of work, increasing the number of unemployed workers, expressed Assemblyman Castro.

The final 2013 budget plan includes a $150 million dollar funding increase for child care and after-school programs for a total of $417 million. I congratulate the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and all child care advocates, child care providers and parents who visited my office to advocate for this issue and express their concerns. This is a very serious matter that should not be used as a political tool. This is about our children and their safety and being able to help parents succeed and continue being productive members of society, added Assemblyman Castro.

The 2012-2013 New York State Budget provided an additional $93 million dollars for child care funding. Assemblyman Castro not only voted in favor of this budget proposal. He has also been an active advocate of the many issues affecting the child care industry in response to his district’s needs. Child care services are one of the major sources of income in my district and other communities across New York City. These issues represent a critical challenge for these small business owners to provide such a needed service and even remain profitable, added Assemblyman Castro.


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