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(Brooklyn, NY) New York State Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz, Chair of the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force, was extremely pleased to hear that the Hispanic Population in the United States has crossed the 50 million mark this past year. The United States Census Bureau recently reported that 1 of every 6 Americans are Hispanic. This drives the Hispanic Community to the second largest group in the country, comprising 16 % of the total United States population.

Assemblyman Ortiz contributes, in-part, the Census reported increase in Hispanic population to the efforts of the members of the New York State Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force. The members of the Task Force worked diligently last year to encourage Hispanics to be counted in the Census. They stressed the importance of the census for determining funding for the community and ensuring representation in Congress, State, and local government. “I am extremely proud of the Hispanic Community. Being counted in the census was extremely important. I thank my colleagues in the Task Force for raising awareness of the 2010 Census last year. Their hard work ensured that Hispanics were counted,” stated Assemblyman Ortiz.

“The increase in the Hispanic Population in the United States reflects the economic, social and political power that can be obtained by this community. We have an opportunity to use the size of our community to advocate for ourselves. Our future is in our hands and we must act now,” said Ortiz.

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