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SOMOS 2011 Winter Conference

Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza

November 9-13, 2011

SOMOS 2011 Winter Schedule

Dr. Felix Matos, President of Hostos Community College and Dr. Ricardo Fernandez, President of Lehman College address the participants of the Education workshop during the 2011 Winter SOMOS Conference in Puerto Rico.


Winter SOMOS 2011 Workshop: “Future of Puerto Rico Political Status”

Moderated by: Honorable Jose Rivera, New York State Assemblyman.

The panelists: Honorable Kenneth McClintock, Secretary of State; Honorable Eduardo Bhatia, Senator of Puerto Rico; Mr. Juan Mercado, Candidate for Resident Commissioner for Puerto Ricans Independence Party

Winter SOMOS 2011 Public-Private Initiative/Finance Workshop

Moderated by: New York State Assemblyman Roberto Rodriguez and Mr. Luis Balzac, former Director of PR Industrial Development NY Office.

The panelists: Mr. Alberto Pagan, Consultiva Inc.; Mr. Ed Murphy, Executive Director, Workforce Development Institute NYS AFL-CIO; Mr. Angel Giboyeaux, President of Transport Workers Union Local 100; Mr. Rey Paniagua, Director Ejecutivo Federacion de Alcaldes de Puerto Rico; Mr. Juan Carlos Costa, CEO, Grupo Guayagcan; Mr. David Alvarez, Puerto Rico R PI3 Iniciative

SOMOS Conference Honoring Puerto Rico’s 911 Heroes Dinner

The New York State Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force honored the members of the Puerto Rican Search and Rescue Task Force for their effort during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The participants of Winter SOMOS 2011 welcomed Governor Cuomo to the conference during his quick visit to Puerto Rico.

Winter SOMOS 2011 Workshop: Barrier and Solutions to Doing Business in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and New York

Moderated by: Mr. Peter Fontanez, CEO Fontanez Group and Honorable Ruben Diaz, Bronx Borough President.

The panelists: Ismael Betancourt, Cold Stone Franchise Puerto Rico; Celia Gonzalez, NYS Deputy Comptroller Division of Diversity Programs; Luis Febus, President, Broker, and Founder, Shield Corp.; Andres Nevares,  Sr. Vice-President, CSA; Jose Bello, CEO, Glaction Inc.; Julio Gil, Puerto Rico Association of Coffee Growers; Maritza Del Toro, Dominican American Business Group; Thomas Sarb, Director Science & Technology Investment; Jaime Garci­a, Director Asociacion de Alcaldes

Winter SOMOS 2011 Business Development Workshop

Moderated by: New York State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Puerto Rico Senator Norma Burgos.

The panelists: Mr. Adolfo Carrion, Regional Director of Housing Development Region II, New York State Department of Housing and Urban Development; Mr. Peter Fontanez, CEO of the Fontanez Construction Group; Mr. Elliot Santiago, Field Organizer & Delegate of DC9, AFL-CIO; Ms. Maria Berio, CSA Group Environmentalist; Mr. Roberto Leon, Senior Vice President of CSA Corp; Mr. Geronimo Matosantos, Executive Vice President of Matosantos Commercial Corp

Winter SOMOS 2011 Bienvenida Reception

Winter SOMOS 2011 Networking Breakfast

The participants of Winter SOMOS 2011 attended the Networking Breakfast on Friday Nov 11 from 8:00 -9:30 AM in Conrad Condando Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico.