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Health care and access to health care are generally poorest for racial and ethnic minorities. As the U.S population become more racially and ethnically diverse, disparities in our health care system still reflect inefficiencies, ineffectiveness, and inequalities. The deadliest disease in America lies in the minds and societal norms that allow racism at the individual, organization, and/or institutional levels continue to exist. Thus, individuals navigating our health care system still receive unequal treatment based on their color and income level.

We continue to hear stories of patients waiting in ER for hours and still do not receive any care because of their skin color or their insurance plan. We continue to listen to patients’ frustration of coming back to clinic countless times  to repeat the same intake process without receiving any treatment/care for their sickness. And we will continue to encounter these stories in the future if racism still exists.

                     What can we do to overcome the barriers in access to health care?

                     What can we do to overcome the inequality in health care treatment?

                     What can we do to overcome the racism in our society?

Watch the discussion between members of the New York Lawyers for Public Interest and the Executive Members of the New York State Assembly/Senate Puerto Rican & Hispanic Task Force to learn how we can work together toward a more humane America.

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