Andres Rivera began his professional career in the health care industry by overseeing and coordinating various service programs in both the private and public sector. Mr. Rivera has a wealth of knowledge in delivering healthcare and social services throughout New York State. From coordinating services at Montefiore Medical Center and at Promesa, Inc. in the Bronx to supervising programs at the New York State Department of Correction in Schenectady, New York.

Subsequently, Andres Rivera began to work for the New York State Assembly and was eventually offered a managerial position at Somos el Futuro, Inc. where he later became the organization’s Executive Director. Today, Andres Rivera is the Executive Director of Somos, Inc.. Mr. Rivera has always dedicated his life to serving those in need throughout New York State. Despite working long hours, Mr. Rivera also volunteers his services by participating in various community initiatives. Due to his genuine commitment to the community, Andres Rivera has received numerous awards, including but not limited to, the Rising Star Award, the Quality of Life and Community Enhancement Award, the Dedication and Commitment to the Hispanic Community Award, the YMCA Black and Latino Achiever’s Award, the Dedication and Service to the Commission on Human Rights and Community Award, a Proclamation from the Mayor of Albany for his dedication to the community and a second Proclamation from the Mayor – “the 2009 Dad of the Year.”

Andres Rivera is the father of seven and currently resides in Albany, New York.