Annette Rogue

Annette Roque has always had a passion for working to improve the conditions of the people in her community.  She began working for El Regreso Foundation in 1992.  She quickly rose from an entry level position for El Regreso’s Ambulatory Program to positions of Housing Specialist, Assistant Fiscal Director and then to Director of Housing.  Finally she became an integral member of El Regreso’s Executive Management Team to the Executive Director.

If you know Annette you wouldn’t have expected anything less of her.  She established her own consulting business and provided Assessment and Counseling services to Adolescents at Leake and Watts an adolescent foster care agency.  She then moved from there to become the Director of Phoenix House’s Long Island Ambulatory Programs.

Her community activity also included board membership with Southside Women’s Services Coalition, MEMBERSHIP in the North Brooklyn Coalition Against Domestic Violence and being instrumental in the creation of El Regreso’s Womens Treatment Program.

in 2005, Williamsburg residents lost its only grassroots community-based organization providing HIV Prevention services; to the Latino drug using Community.  Without Annette’s hard work, inspired leadership and creative organizational ability, the Brooklyn community and its citizens would have lost vital and essential services.  Annette worked for months without pay and also motivated her staff to do the same, and the organization was resurrected as La Nueva Esperanza (The New Hope) in 2006.

Annette is the Founder and Executive Director of La Nueva Esperanza.  In addition to her responsibilities for the overall oversight of programming, administration and finance, Annette accompanies her Staff in the Evening; on a weekly basis, as they reach out to the Community distributing lifesaving health information; including toiletries, Safe Sex kits, Narcan, and a Snack (Sandwiches, Coffee and Cake), along with a HUG to individual Substance Users; in HOPE that they will remember to come and receive services at La Nueva Esperanza.

Annette’s clinical background with Substance Use Treatment and her credentials as a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC), allow her to provide counseling sessions to families desperate to find resources for their children who are using drugs, as they fear the loss of their children through overdose or the prison system.  Annette is married and the mother of 26 year old fraternal twins, and a twelve year old son.