CARMEN I. FLORES – Community and Labor Activist, Educator, Organizer, Trainer, and Union Ambassador. Works at District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO; the Largest Public Employee Union in NYC, as a Principal Program Coordinator for the Education Fund. As a DC 37 and AFSCME PAC Volunteer, she has traveled around the country and US territories organizing workers into the union, mentoring, training and advocating for younger workers. Former NYC public servant; ACS/HRA employee with nineteen years of experience, and a former Grievance Representative for DC 37.

Carmen has established herself as a self-starter and community leader through her volunteer experiences. Currently she serves as the 2nd Vice Chair on the SOMOS, Inc. New York Executive Board, on the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) Executive Board, serves as Director of Community and Governmental Affairs for LDC Community Organization; and serve as Senior Advisor- for Community and Governmental Relations to well established organizations; GRAAFICS, KR3TS, and Better Urban Health Care.

She was raised in the village of “Harlem” and is a current resident. For the past twenty (20) years, she has dedicated her time to improving the quality of life of working families, while advocating for the voiceless. She credits and appreciates her beloved mother Angeles’s legacy, her inspiration to excellence, activism, and the tenacity she instilled. Carmen brings urgency and awareness to protect the environment and rebuild the community- she is taking an active role in the community’s development. As she thrives, she believes in continuing her path in education, receiving certification through the Cornell University/NYC LCLAA Latino Leadership Development Programs, Cornell University Union Leadership Institute Advanced Labor Union Leadership Program, and Community Development – Workforce Development as Trainer. Carmen is the proud recipient of the 2014 AFSCME’s Jerry Wurf and William “Bill” Lucy scholarships, and a Graduate from the Harvard Law School Work Life Union Program.

Today, Carmen continues to be an example to young women and men. She strives to find life-life balance through volunteering in community projects which make a difference and are worthy causes. Leading by example with commitment to social justice, community engagement and labor union organizing, allows her to give her very best to the community she loves the most. Her devotion to protecting the Rights of people, keeps her involved and motivated to participate in ambitious community projects. She believes in protecting the Villages; whether is in Puerto Rico, “El Barrio”, “Harlem”, the Bronx, or any other village, she remains committed to improving the façade, and the environment in the community. She loves people; “Siempre Presente Para la Communidad”, “Always Present for The Community.”