Carmen Flores, Principal Program Coordinator, District Council 37 Education Fund, Graduate of the Harvard Labor Law Trade Union Program, Graduate of the Cornell University Labor Studies Program, DC 37 Latino Heritage Committee Chair, Board Member of NYC Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), SOMOS, Inc., Executive Board Vice- Chair. Member of LCLAA, CBTU, NAACP, NEW PATHS, Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, Community Voices Heard; Community Activist and Member of Lincoln Houses Tenant Association.

Carmen was born in Puerto Rico and is the oldest sibling of 5 children who migrated to New York City in the 1970s. She attended New York City Public Schools and in 2014 graduated from Harvard University Trade Union Program; a very proud Mujer “Boriqua.” Her awareness of her culture, and with her mother’s nurturing, she became the youngest activist in “El Barrio” better known as “Spanish Harlem.” In East Harlem she began her first organizing campaign with former State Senator Olga Mendez; as her mentor she invited Carmen to learn about Social Justice first hand. Carmen then joined her mom with a group of women to go door to door and provide assistance to residents with reading difficulties on how to navigate public services.      Carmen understands the struggle of working families; she continues to advocate whether at city hall or in D.C. In 2000, Carmen joined the Public Employees as an employee of the NYC Department of Children Services, (ACS), and a member of AFSCME, AFL-CIO, DC 37 Local 1549, the largest municipal union in New York City. While working for ACS, the Department moved to HRA, now Carmen has worked for the Department of Social Services/Child Support Enforcement for the past 19 years. In 2009, she was recognized for her activism and her elected positions, and was asked to work as a Grievance Representative for Local 1549.

Due to her commitment and advocacy, Carmen has been elected to several positions at the Union. For the last 19 years, she has been Delegate, Executive Vice- Chair, Chair of Committees, and Bargaining Committee member, Chair of the Next Wave committee (younger workers), Recording Secretary of Local 1549, Volunteer Member Organizer, and Chair of the Latino Heritage Committee. Today, she continues her advocacy efforts; children, young adults and seniors in any areas of need.   In addition, she serves her community by staying involved in issues that matter the most.

Carmen Flores’ passion for the labor movement will continue to inspire and encourage public servants to prepare for a 21st century workforce through development and opportunities to higher learning. She is currently on the Board of LCLAA, involved in all areas of activism; from organizing new members into the organization, parades, rallies or any union efforts, including organizing younger workers “Next Wavers”, to political campaigns, community activism, and involved in the rebuilding effort of Puerto Rico. She accredits her RISE in all areas to the mentoring of her mother, siblings, colleagues, and especially Union family. She has been recognized by LCLAA Women’s Committee, National Puerto Rican Women, DC 37 Women’s Committee, ACS/HRA, the Boys and Girls Club of America, and The Latino Labor Leadership Institute for her activism, advocacy, and as a volunteer. Her passion and commitment to people has inspired others. She is truly for the “People”; as she continues to encourage and inspire others to RISE. “INSPIRED BY LA LUCHA POR LA RAZA.”