SOMOS/CUNY Summer Internship

The SOMOS Summer Internship Program was created by Somos, Inc. in partnership with the City University of New York (CUNY). This program serves a single purpose: to give more opportunities to Hispanic students and individuals, who are in need financially, to learn about public policy and government. The goals of this internship program include but are not limited to the following:

  • Educate students to write policy papers on issues of interest to the individual student.
  • Encourage students to serve the local community, as well as involve themselves more in community outreach.
  • Enable students to participate in organizing events that serve the local community.

This program gives students the ability to compete in today’s job market, as well as the ability to foresee their future in public service. Moreover, students can gain benefits such as work experience in the offices of public officials, possible credit for college, and stipends to offset the cost of living.

We hope that we can expand this Internship Program in the future to more Hispanic students and individuals who are interested in government and public services. Should you wish to participate in our program, please email us your resume for consideration.

Below are the students from the SOMOS Summer Internship Class of 2011. This class is the first summer interns class that SOMOS and City University of New York sponsored. They are seen here holding their Certificate of Graduation.